Jack O Lantern Mushroom Glow In The Dark

Jack O Lantern Mushroom Glow In The Dark. Its a cluster of Omphalotus olearius, commonly known as the Jack o Lantern mushroom. Jack-o'lantern mushrooms get their glow from an enzyme called luciferase — the very same way luminous fireflies get their glow!

Jack-o’-Lantern Mushroom: This bright orange, toxic ...
Jack-o’-Lantern Mushroom: This bright orange, toxic … (Ruby Chavez)

I've heard that some mushrooms have an ability to glow in the dark! Commonly known glowing fungi from North America like the Jack-o-Lantern Mushroom (Omphalotus spp.) and the Honey Mushroom (Armillaria spp.) belong to two different lineages. The "Jack-O-Lantern" mushroom gets its name not only because it's orange like a pumpkin, but because, like a pumpkin carved and candled for Halloween, it provides its own light.

Pumpkin varieties such as the 'Halloween Howden' or 'Cinderella' are best for making Jack-o'-lanterns and are increasingly available at greengrocers and some supermarkets in the lead-up to this bewitching event.

FUN FACT: There is a species of mushroom called the Jack-o'-Lantern Mushroom (Omphalotus olearius) that really does glow in the dark!

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Also, the jack-o'-lantern mushroom tends to grow in large clusters, while chanterelles are usually isolated. This bioluminescent mushroom is found in subtropical Asia, Australia, and Brazil. Jack o'lantern mushrooms (Omphalotus olearius) are bright orange fungi that typically grow in clusters on dead wood.