How To Unlearn Professions Wow Classic

When you click on the icon then it will help you to unlearn the profession and makes you get an answer to your question. Wow classic unlearn profession how to change profession how to unlearn profession.

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Click on that unlearn mining.

How to unlearn professions wow classic. How to change your profession specialization in wow classic using the book soothsaying for dummies near narain soothfancy. How to learn or unlearn a profession in world of warcraft song. Open the skills tab choose the profession you want to unlearn locate the small icon on the bottom panel which.

To unlearn the profession players need to click on an appropriate professional. Press it and you ll unlearn it instantly. If you go to your skill tab press k in game and click on mining you will see a second progress bar for mining at the bottom of the skill window.

A tiny icon is present. For clicking on the profession there is a part at the bottom of the panel. The act itself is extremely simple you open up your skill menu by pressing k choose the profession you want to unlearn then look for a red icon in the lower half of the window one with a crossed out circle.

Now that you know all of the risks here is how to unlearn a profession in wow classic. Works for goblin or gnomish engine. It s to the right of the profession s description.

Professions are a key part of wow classic providing one of the primary means of making money and also offering some of the most powerful gear currently in the game which in several cases is. That s where the circle with a slash is.