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The world recently discovered that one of siri s hidden talents is that it can beatbox for you. Siri is an interesting little assistant sometimes useful sometimes funny and other times a sarcastic little so and so.

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Owners of apple products are being encouraged to say 108 to siri unaware of the.

Siri 000 trick. How to make siri mad 33 other funny things to ask siri the web is full of articles on cool things like how to make siri rap how to make siri mad and lots of other crazy siri tricks. To most questions you ll get a standard response with the information you. Now a video of three indian musicians collaborating with siri to create a catchy mashup with.

As the years have gone on iphone users have discovered nifty little tricks that siri can pull off that you may not have known about. Here s why you need to avoid it at all costs. One trillion to the tenth power.

A prank designed to trick iphone users into calling emergency services is currently spreading online. If you re looking for a laugh you can issue siri a huge variety of odd statements or commands and in turn get some hilarious if not just. One such feature is when you say 17 to siri.

People want to hear siri cuss or beatbox. As an amazon associate i earn from qualifying pur. Iphone users have been cautioned against taking part in a dangerous new prank that asks smartphone owners to ask siri about the number 108.

Siri the lovable semi intelligent virtual assistant that lives on our iphones has plenty of useful tricks and an enormous commands list up his her sleeve but not everything siri does must be helpful. Hey iphone users siri gave me the answer and solved what 10 trillion to the power of 1000 1 is disclaimer. They want the best things to ask siri that are funny besides siri telling a joke.

What you can say to siri is pretty much endless.

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