What Episode Does Boruto Learn To Control His Jougan

Jougan is awoken from his right eye with black sclera and light blue pupil. In the anime boruto first awakened the jougan while fighting nue with mitsuki but it was involuntary.

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Before we move forward to jougan s ablities and powers let s talk about gozu tennou.

What episode does boruto learn to control his jougan. Returning to his younger age we get to see the first time he awoken the eye and has glimpse of its power. In a particular scene nue s chakra triggered boruto which results in revealing the new dojutsu jougan. The teenage boruto is shown to have full control over both the jougan and the karma.

It also showcased some of it s abilities and powers. First of all the episode was awesome and people are wondering about borutos tenseigan and how it could be since he needs otsutsuki chakra. This marks the first and only time it was referred to by name in the anime.

If looking up close it also seems to have white halo surrounding the pupil. But it has not been specified as to why boruto has the pure eye in the series. Damn did kishimoto mess up by not giving him the byakugan just because he forgot.

How does boruto get jougan. The kid was hyped about it too. Young boruto has yet to master control over these two things.

Even at a young age sasuke hinata and neji were shown to have mastery over their kekkei genkais. But boruto told him about it in episode 9 or 10 claiming that he had activated his byakugan. Boruto episode 15 revealed boruto uzumaki s dōjutsu jougan.

That s when his dojutsu activates. In the flashforward in chapter 1 what seemed to be a dōjutsu appeared in boruto s right eye as he prepared to fight kawaki. At the beginning of boruto anime we can see boruto already has full control over the eye.

Toneri calls his eye the star of hope and claims that the power of hope resides within him and will go against the destruction that is yet to come. While boruto can t control the jougan yet he will eventually learn to control it. In episode 125 urashiki referred to the eye as the jōgan albeit with different kanji 淨眼.

Toneri otsutsuki might have helped boruto to awaken the jougan via a prophetic dream. By otakuani 3 years ago 11 3k views. Aside from this jougan also gives emotion sensing abilities to boruto.

In episode 8 of boruto we see the return of toneri otsutski from the last naruto the movie. This is where my actual theory begins in the sixth episode where boruto sees denki walking all by himself on the streets he notices a purple serpent biting him. On episodes before and episodes later.

He told hinata naruto and then shikadai mitsuki and etc. The term refers to pure eye and its structure is quite similar to naruto s eyes when he senses evil chakra or when he is releasing his darkest side. Strangely he does not make a return in corporeal form but as a messenger in boruto s dreams.

Boruto uzumaki s jougan all abilities and powers.

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