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The song title yatta is the past tense of the japanese verb yaru to do an exclamation meaning it s done i did it ready or all right the song and video have been used as a web culture in joke on many different websites. To lead out.

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To bring out of.

Yatta meaning. A very very bizarrly upbeat song by a band composed of a group of shameless japanese men wearing nothing but disturbing fig leaf briefs. Yatta yet another telecide tool for anime is a tool used to ivtc video usually but not limited to anime. So when you hear someone shout yatta.

Its primary meaning is we did it or i did it so whether you hit the jackpot on a fruit machine or your team defeats the universe eating monster you are entitled to shout yatta. It enables the user to perform a series of video cleanup tasks including but not limited to inverse telecine overriding freeze. What does yatta mean.

Literal meaning is that is right depending on delivery u can take it like damn right it is or i guess it can mean amirite its not too far of a stretch just depends on delivery and context. English words for やった include made it i did and had done. However the meaning has extended from the literal sense of the word.

It is used by a number of groups to achieve high quality mpeg 4 encodes of anime and other material. To go forth to a place to go forward proceed to to or toward something to come or go forth with purpose or for result to come out of hiphil to cause to go or come out bring out lead out. To go out come out exit go forth qal to go or come out or forth depart.

Chiefly among fans of japanese comics and japanese animation i did it. Yatta is the past tense of the word yaru to do. A fanimutation based on the above song.

It can also be used as an expression of excitement. Yatta is a past tense version of yaru which means to do so it means i did it as far as i ve heard it used by my japanese friends it can be thrown as an answer to questions as like a confirmation that something happened or that it went well. A kojiro abe music video based on the above song.

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